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About Ten Index

What is TI100?

  • Ten Index or TI100 is a formalized structrure for systems ands data management. 
  • Ten Index is a Dewey Decimal System for Your Digital Data.

What are the Types?

  • HH0 -- Systems Core == use by systems engineers
  • HH1 -- Personal Version == Used by One Individual Entity
  • HH2 -- Business Version == Used by businesses great and small. 
  • HH3 -- Social Version == Used by Communties and Groups.
  • HH4 -- Media Version == Used by Libraries and Archives. 

How to Use TI100?

  1. Determine Type based on appication. What is it for?
  2. Deploy the base framework.
  3. Add content, enjoy.
  4. Adjust as needed.

Where did TI100 Originate?

  • Hoblin Hierarchy HH
  • TI100 is a call back to Teus Instruments Calculator. Yes. 




Ten Index is Trademarked and Copyright of Ten Index DBA.
Hoblin's Hierarchy is is Trademarked and Copyright of Ten Index DBA. 
Ten Index is Licensed for Creative Commons (CC) Fair Use and is considered Public Domain.

Ten Index by Jason Hoblin is marked with CC0 1.0