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Ten Index General Principals

  • These principals apply to to all the Ten Index Types (Versions); Depends on Use.
  • One Hundred Categories is a Good Upper Limit; to remember, to manage. 
    (10 Sections x 10 Categories = 100 Spaces )
  • The Types (Versions) are modeled after the Persona Version. 
    • L0 is the Type (Versions)
    • L1 are the Sections. 
    • L2 are the Categories.
    • L3 are just SubFolders.
    • L4 is not recommended. 
  • Each Section and Each Category: 
    • Should be One Word
    • Two Digit Number
    • Color
    • Shape
    • MetaData
  • "Sections Nines" are reserved for systems administration; access, loopback, sudo, backdoor.
  • The "Eights Sections" are typically used for logs, tracking, content dump, archives. 




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